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Ready are you?! Accept your fate you must. Dangerous and mesmerizing this game is.
Navigate Ümbi through the randomly generated maze of meteors, rockets, barricades, & black holes. The complexity of this odyssey increases over time as multiple menacing obstables enter Ümbi's path. Tilt to maneuver Ümbi and tap to close/open his umbrella head appendage. While in closed position Ümbi moves 2x as fast and earns 2x the points! Gain the power to destroy obstacles by collecting the Titanium Boots power-up. Find the Heart Health if you're low on energy, or use Time Freeze to momentarily slow down time.
Prolong your fate as long as possible, but know you will perish.
  • Simple single-tap & tilt to control gameplay
  • Unforeseeable obstacle fomations keep every play fresh
  • Bewitching graphics
  • Titanium Boots, Time Freeze, & Heart Health power-ups
  • 13 heroic Game Center Achievements
  • Game Center Leaderboards
  • Original hypnotizing music & sound fx
  • Twitter integration
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Download "Ümbi Odyssey Theme" Music (mp3, 5.9mb)
This is the theme song from the iPhone/iPad game Ümbi.